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We call upon the powers of temperature, water and nature to provide you with deep relaxation and well-being. The Nordic Experience invites you to discover our high quality facilities: Californian baths, Finnish saunas, steam crypt, Russian banya, Cold plunges, relaxation areas, access to the river and outdoor terraces.

Thermal cycle

This ritual consists of alternating hot, cold and relaxation to achieve a high level of well-being. The benefits are multiple and in order to maximize them, we recommend repeating the ‘Hot-Cold-Relaxation’ thermal cycle at least 3 times during your visit to our facilities.

Benefits of thermotherapy

During your visit, we strongly suggest that you practice the Nordic Tradition (thermotherapy), which is the alternation of hot, cold and relaxation. This natural relaxation method provides an immediate state of well-being as well as numerous benefits:

  • Reinforces the immune system
  • Helps to alleviate fatigue, tension and stress
  • Soothes muscular and arthritic pains as well as curvatures
  • Eliminates toxins and purifies the skin
  • Improves circulation
  • Eases colds symptoms and light asthma
  • Allows for rejuvenating sleep

Discover our personalized rituals

To maximize the benefits of your Nordic Experience, try the ritual that suits your profile.


Our facilities are located on different terraces to offer you an intimate and peaceful atmosphere. Explore what is available to you.

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