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Thermotherapy, an anti-stress?

Are you under stress at work, at home or suffering from anxiety? Thermotherapy can be a good remedy to help you relax. Choose a source of heat, a Californian bath, the steam crypt, the russian banya or a sauna and enjoy it for 10-20 minutes, depending on your tolerance. The goal is to store as […]

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Let’s talk vitamins

Vitamins are a must. They play several roles in the body, some functions require a specific vitamin, others several. Vitamins do not give more energy and an overdose brings no benefits. Here are some of the functions that the main vitamins are associated with: Vitamin D: Increases the strength of the immune system, strengthens bones, […]

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Lavender and its benefits

We all know lavender, but do we know all these benefits and possible uses? Lavender has been used for centuries for its fragrance but also for its therapeutic qualities. This plant is found in many forms, including essences, essential oils, herbal teas, capsules, dyes and more. Internal: this will treat different ailments. Insomnia, hysteria and […]

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Why the fibres?

Fibres are parts of plant origin that our body does not digest. They do, however, play an important physiological role. As most people know, fibres help digestion and facilitate transit. Eat dietary fiber and a natural solution for people with constipation. Fibers are also known to contribute to: –  Decrease cholesterol levels; –  Management of […]

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