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Blue light

The blue light is something we are all exposed to, many hours a day. So, here are more details. The blue light from the sun and our screens increases alertness, helps memory, increases our cognitive functions, improves our mood and regulates our sleep and waking cycle. It goes without saying that too much exposure to […]

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We are in an area where people spend a lot of time on their cellular phones, tablets and even in front of television. This has a greater impact than we can believe on our bodies. By always having the head tilted forwards this cause postural deformation which in turn causes considerable tension at the level […]

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The benefits of Epsom salt

Epsom salt moisturizes the skin, helps maintain its elasticity and removes dead skin. It stimulates blood circulation and relieves skin problems like eczema and psoriasis by reducing inflammation and pain. In the form of a white powder, Epsom salt is also indicated for muscle relaxation and to detoxify the body, in particular, the liver. If […]

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Why not try the mate? Yerba mate leaf is cultivated in India, it is traditionally used against headaches, fatigue and rheumatic pains. Unlike coffee, mate will provide you with more stable energy throughout your day and you will not feel the effects fade or the need to take more of it back. This drink is […]

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