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Lack of energy

You lack energy and sleep? Here’s a home-made energy drink that will give you the energy you need before the summer. This drink will give you a boost of energy to face your day or even your daily workout. Energizing and at the same time detoxifying, this drink will clean your digestive system and eliminate toxins […]

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Tips against cold damage to our skin

By colder temperatures, our skin undergoes several changes. Here are some tips for a radiant skin year round. Hydrate more than once a day: Winter weather causes a lot of damage to your skin, so if it suits your skin type, an oil-based cream would provide extra protection and extra nutrients. The sun in winter: […]

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Your morning coffee, an anti cellulite treatment?

Your coffee has more than one use, do you know that? If we use caffeine the right way, it helps to activate the blood circulation, to decongest the fatty tissues and obtain a smoother skin. We suggest you to try this little recipe that will take you a few minutes to concoct! ½ cup of […]

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Quebec has long been regarded as a fun place to visit if you’re looking for a certain European feeling without leaving the continent. That feeling is even more spectacular in a part of the province I knew little about before my recent visit, the Eastern Townships. Originally settled in part by Loyalists fleeing the American […]

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