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Aloe verra is a plant that is used in cosmetics and also in traditional medicine. The latter has been cultivated largely in the Mediterranean and in Africa for centuries. It consists of nearly 200 different nutrients that give it its benefits. Aloe vera is found in many beauty and hygiene products. Some use aloe vera […]

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From the age of 2 years a child can learn to relax. This allows him to feel a sense of well-being, improve his concentration and learning quality. He will also have a more stable mood and will fall asleep more easily when going to sleep. Unlike the adult, the child will not be able to […]

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A massage that may surprise you with its benefits. In addition, a few sessions are enough to see a clear improvement of your skin. Here is what this treatment consists of: A massage which takes aim at zones affected by cellulite. A combination of grapefruit, bergamot, vitamin E and avocado essential oils will aid in […]

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Accessible to all, Connected Conscious Breathing is a tool that allows you to unite with your own breathing. It allows us to better understand and become aware of the benefits related to our breath on a daily basis. Connected Conscious Breathing has soothing virtues for the heart during more difficult moments but it can also […]

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