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Meditation? Why not!

What is meditation? It is a moment of reflection that one takes to make the total emptiness of one’s mind. A time when we focus on our breathing, our body, our heart, etc. A time when we distance negative thoughts and only our inner well-being is important. Meditation would have a positive effect on the […]

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Prenatal massage

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life when her body changes and some pain/discomfort may occur. The pregnancy brings with a lot of questions and emotions for future mothers. Massage therapy is a good way for mom to relax and enjoy a special moment. The relaxation provided by this massage improves sleep and recovery, […]

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Lack of energy

You lack energy and sleep? Here’s a home-made energy drink that will give you the energy you need before the summer. This drink will give you a boost of energy to face your day or even your daily workout. Energizing and at the same time detoxifying, this drink will clean your digestive system and eliminate toxins […]

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Tips against cold damage to our skin

By colder temperatures, our skin undergoes several changes. Here are some tips for a radiant skin year round. Hydrate more than once a day: Winter weather causes a lot of damage to your skin, so if it suits your skin type, an oil-based cream would provide extra protection and extra nutrients. The sun in winter: […]

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