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Why not try the mate? Yerba mate leaf is cultivated in India, it is traditionally used against headaches, fatigue and rheumatic pains. Unlike coffee, mate will provide you with more stable energy throughout your day and you will not feel the effects fade or the need to take more of it back. This drink is […]

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Did anyone mention matcha?

The matcha is native to China. It was then popularized by a Buddhist monk in Japan thousands of years ago. After discovering the benefits of matcha the monks incorporated it into their meditation routine. Matcha is not a tea that is traditionally brewed in hot water. The matcha leaf is harvested very young during the […]

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Why adopt yoga?

You probably already know a range of exercises, so why add yoga to your routine? Like any exercise, yoga requires motivation and discipline to reap all the benefits. Yoga helps you feel better in your life in general. Here are the positive points that this can bring to your daily life; 1- Helps to decrease […]

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How to choose the good solar cream?

It’s important to choose your sunscreen well. So here are some tips to help you better choose your sunscreen. First, the sun emits UVA, UVB and UVC rays. It’s UVA and UVB that are dangerous to us, so we have to protect ourselves from them all the time. These rays are responsible for sunburn and […]

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