Site’s conditions of use

Spa rules

The minimum age required for access to the spa is 16 years.

Make sure you have a swimsuit, a pair of sandals and a water bottle.

The rental of two towels per person is included with each package.

If you would like a bath robe, it is possible to rent one for $10 or bring one from home.

Cancellations must be made in a 24 hours minimum notice before the time of your appointment(s) otherwise the total fees will be charged on your credit card left as a guarantee.

Our changing rooms are equipped with hair dryers. Upon arrival you will be provided with a locker key.

Contraindications — The advice of a physician is recommended for the following conditions : pregnancy, heart and respiratory problems, hypertension and diabetes.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your massage and take showers both before and after your massage.

It is recommended that you remove jewelry, glasses and contact lenses before entering the saunas.

No person under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol will be tolerated on the site.

Please respect the tranquility of the spa adhering to the code of silence everywhere, with the exception of the main balcony.

Spa Nordic Station is a smoke-free environment.

The following objects are not tolerated on the site: bags, food, glass containers, cameras, telephones, manicure and / or beauty tools, razors, meals.

Spa Nordic Station is not responsible for any objects being lost, damaged or stolen on our site. Spa Nordic Station takes all the necessary measures to ensure its clientele’s safety and is not responsible for prospective discomforts, falls and / or accidents on the site.


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In order to participate in the well-being of the community, Spa Nordic Station encourages local non-profit organizations working in the health field. Please contact Anne Bouchard at the following address for all sponsorship requests: