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From the age of 2 years a child can learn to relax. This allows him to feel a sense of well-being, improve his concentration and learning quality. He will also have a more stable mood and will fall asleep more easily when going to sleep. Unlike the adult, the child will not be able to relax by staying still. It is therefore necessary to call upon play to succeed in calming them down. Generally, 2 to 5 minutes a day are enough for the child to feel the effects.

Stretching games:

  • Slowly mime with your child a flower that is growing.
  • Imitate together animals stretching, round backs etc…
  • Ask your child to rock his or her favourite doggie or doll.
  • Invite your child to pick fruit from a tall tree to stretch as much as possible.

Self-massage games:

  • Make drawings on your child’s back with your fingers.
  • You can massage/flatter his face, back, belly while humming a little rhyme.

Breathing games:

  • Make your child smell sweet smells, ask him to take a big slow breath.
  • Make him blow out candles
  • Invite your child to lie on his back with one hand on his stomach to feel his breathing.