Multi-visit card



We firmly believe in the benefits of a regular practice of thermal experience. This is why we offer the multi-visit card at an accessible cost to suit your needs.


We offer many options which offer great discounts.


You also get 15% discount on treatments (at regular price) as long as there is an active balance on your multi-visit card.


Conditions of use

This card is accepted as a form of payment for the Nordic Tradition package only (access to all facilities). It is not a gift card. It is valid at all times and do not have an expiration date. The value of each visit will be deducted of the card balance. Cannot be transferred from a person to another. One visit per day maximum. Cannot be combined to any promotion, coupon or special offer. The card is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Valid at Spa Nordic Station only. Fees can be charged if the card must be replaced.


A swimsuit and sandals are obligatory in order to gain access to the site. A water bottle is suggested.

Rental of two towels and a locker key is included with all access.

Prices do not include taxes.

  • 10 visits multi-card


    Package Description

    10 visits multi-card

    15% discount

    (Regular price: $490)

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  • 20 VISITS multi-card


    Package Description

    20 visits multi-card

    25% discount

    (Regular price: $980)

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  • Show more package


    Package Description

    50 visits multi-card

    35% discount

    (Regular price: $2450)

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  • 100 visits multi-card


    Package Description

    100 visits multi-card

    50% discount

    (Regular price: $4900)

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