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Prenatal massage

Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life when her body changes and some pain/discomfort may occur. The pregnancy brings with a lot of questions and emotions for future mothers. Massage therapy is a good way for mom to relax and enjoy a special moment.

The relaxation provided by this massage improves sleep and recovery, reducing fatigue of the first and third trimesters. Pregnant women will experience a great decrease in the stress related to preparation and delivery.

Pregnancy affects the posture of mothers and brings with it discomforts and muscular tensions. These pains must sometimes be treated in greater depth. That it is not inappropriate to work on muscle tensions and to make certain mobilizations to relieve these ailments. We suggest that you wait until the 12th week before receiving this care and validate with your doctor that there is no risk with your pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different from woman to woman.

Pregnancy also brings more uncomfortable moments such as nausea, gastric reflux and constipation. Be aware that massage therapy can be a great help for these small ailments.