To maximize the benefits of your Nordic experience, try the ritual that suits your profile.

01 Athletic profile

You are an athlete seeking to maximize results? Use thermotherapy in combination with working out. To slim down your silhouette and relax your muscles in order to better recuperate after training we propose the cycle on the left.

This cycle will allow for the activation of circulation and greater calorie burn.



02 “Immuno-Boost” profile

To stimulate your immune system, nothing is more effective than the hammam. Your time in the steam bath will help to clear up your respiratory system: diffused eucalyptus essential oil acts as an antiseptic agent within the sinuses helping to cure colds, bronchitis and asthma.

To give your immune system a boost, try the cycle on the right.

Suggested massage for revitalization: Essential Oil Massage.

03 “Detox” profile

To trigger tissue decongestion, drain toxins, firm up and reduce orange skin or simply to unwind, we propose the following cycle which will activate your circulatory and lymphatic systems in order to purify your body and help your metabolism to better eliminate waste.

An ideal way to recover from the holidays or prepare for the summer.

Suggested additional treatments : Detoxifying Massage and Lavender-Citrus Salt Scrub