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Did anyone mention matcha?

The matcha is native to China. It was then popularized by a Buddhist monk in Japan thousands of years ago. After discovering the benefits of matcha the monks incorporated it into their meditation routine.

Matcha is not a tea that is traditionally brewed in hot water. The matcha leaf is harvested very young during the harvest, then it is dried and crushed between two stones until the leaf is reduced to fine powder.

During your preparation you incorporate the powder into the hot water and with a bamboo whisk you whip until the powder is completely dissolved in the water. This way you end up drinking the complete tea leaf and not just brewing it. This further amplifies the benefits of tea.

The effect of the caffeine contained in matcha is diffused differently in our body, it is diffused more slowly and over a long period. This is healthier for the human body. The matcha also contains a large amount of natural amino acid that will decrease your stress level and improve your mood.

Don’t wait, the matcha is waiting for you!