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A massage that may surprise you with its benefits. In addition, a few sessions are enough to see a clear improvement of your skin.

Here is what this treatment consists of:

A massage which takes aim at zones affected by cellulite. A combination of grapefruit, bergamot, vitamin E and avocado essential oils will aid in detoxifying the body. Drainage techniques will mostly target the lower body helping with the reduction of water retention, the decongestion of tissues, and the elimination of toxins. If you wish, a brush designed for circulation stimulation will be used. Highly suggested for those with heaviness in the legs or on a weight loss program.

Are the results visible?

Yes, the orange peel appearance of your skin will diminish, your skin will be smoother and more radiant.

Is it painful?

Some areas are more sensitive than others, we won’t lie to you. The maneuvers used during this treatment are rarely relaxing and comfortable, but the therapist will make sure that they remain bearable throughout the session. The level of discomfort does not vary greatly depending on the congestion and the area.