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Citrus and Chocolate Duo, a Summer Treatment

Summer is coming, it is thus necessary to pamper your skin before the heat arrives. Did you know that a body scrub not only makes your skin shine, but is also a key element in helping it remain lightly tanned all summer long? Spa Nordic Station’s team has considered this and has put together a Citrus and Chocolate scrub with you in mind. First, your skin will be exfoliated with citrus-scented sea salt in order to remove dead skin. Exfoliation allows for microcirculation to be activated within your skin which allows it to breathe much more easily. Well-exfoliated skin is much more receptive to moisturizing creams and of course, sunscreen. Your therapist will then continue the treatment with a chocolate wrap. The unctuous mix used will offer hydration, softness and tone. Olfactory pleasure is a bonus! During your treatment, take a break and let go of any stress you may have been holding onto by allowing yourself to be spoiled by a facial and scalp massage. The Citrus and Chocolate duo: a nourishing and relaxing scrub. We recommend this treatment at changes of season. In the meantime, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun’s rays and to stay hydrated!