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Accessible to all, Connected Conscious Breathing is a tool that allows you to unite with your own breathing. It allows us to better understand and become aware of the benefits related to our breath on a daily basis. Connected Conscious Breathing has soothing virtues for the heart during more difficult moments but it can also help you better manage your stress.

Here are some exercises to try at home:

  1. Recognizing inhalation and exhalation

The idea is to focus on each of the inspirations and each of the expirations to return to the present moment. The energy of mindfulness and concentration will then begin to be generated.

  1. Going deeper into inhalation and exhalation

Just focus on the length of the inspiration, for 3 to 6 seconds. The mind should be freed from all thoughts and brought back to your body. If you are well concentrated you will be fully aware of your inspiration. The feeling of well-being will begin to be felt.

  1. Bringing the mind back to the body

Breathing is the link between our body and mind. When we pay attention to our breathing, our body joins our mind to form a whole. You can therefore wrap your body in the energy of mindfulness. You may find that your body has accumulated a certain amount of tension, pain or even stress at this stage.

  1. Letting go

It is possible to practice this breathing at any time of the day to refocus and enjoy the present moment.