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Blue light

The blue light is something we are all exposed to, many hours a day. So, here are more details.

The blue light from the sun and our screens increases alertness, helps memory, increases our cognitive functions, improves our mood and regulates our sleep and waking cycle. It goes without saying that too much exposure to this light is harmful to the eyes. We suggest you reduce your exposure to this light in the evenings and at night. These are the most critical moments of the day.

Overexposure can lead to glare, dry eyes and even headaches. There is always a risk of macular degeneration and it also disturbs your waking and sleep cycle.

So here are some little tips for your daily life to avoid any inconvenience related to this exposure:

  1. Place your computer screen at arm’s length from your face.
  2. If possible, reduce the heat and brightness of your screen.
  3. Reduce the amount of time you spend in front of your devices.
  4. You can purchase blue light goggles. Note that it is possible to have them without a prescription.

We also recommend that you do an eye test every year to make sure your eyes are healthy. You only have one pair!