About us

A natural ritual, an ancestral art.

Thermal stations first made their appearance in 2500 B.C.E. Originally a Greek idea, the Romans improved upon them considerably. The stations simultaneously represented a luxury and a necessity. Without societal distinctions, the stations played an important role in both the personal hygiene and lives of the Romans.

Our concept brings together tradition and nature. Open since 2004, and counting itself among the first Nordic spas in Quebec, Spa Nordic Station has been built on an enchanting site, surrounded by trees, on the banks of Magog’s charming Castle Brook river. The site has been created to provide you with an intimate space for quiet reflection, in an antique décor with a warm and unique feel.

At Spa Nordic Station, we call upon the powers of temperature, water and nature to provide you with deep relaxation and well-being. The body is purified, energized and calmed, while the spirit finds inner peace. Our high quality amenities allow you to reap the benefits associated with the practice of thermotherapy in the most optimal fashion. You will find on the site, two Finnish saunas, a Russian banya,  a eucalyptus steam crypt, two large Californian tubs, three relaxation rooms, outdoor terraces, and massage cabins in the forest.

Quality standards

In the hopes of providing an unforgettable experience that exceeds expectations Spa Nordic Station analyzes and improves the quality of its service, at each of the key moments of the client’s experience, in order to offer the best experience possible. Each massage therapist who joins our team has received quality training at a massage school accredited by a recognized association, allowing the therapist to provide insurance receipts.

Spa Nordic Station, a member of Quebec’s Association of Spas, also participates in establishing global quality standards within the industry.