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A Type of Massage for Everyone

With the arrival of winter come sore throats and back aches from shoveling. Has the season been taking its toll on both your body and mood? A massage is the perfect remedy to winter’s aches and pains.
You would like to enjoy a massage but aren’t sure which would suit your needs? Follow our guide for the perfect match.

Lacking Energy?
Opt for the Swedish massage. This technique is one of the most diverse and widespread. It offers the perfect combination of movements which allow for relaxation and the release of tension. The therapist first engages in a softer touch that deepens as the massage progresses, allowing the relief of any muscle tension.

Looking for an Escape?
Our Californian massage is the way to go. This technique makes use of long, fluid movements in order to encompass as many muscle groups as possible, offering a profound relaxation. The Californian massage is especially beneficial to people who suffer from insomnia or fatigue. This massage is sure to leave you rejuvenated.

Hawaiian Escape
With its Hawaiian origins, the lomi-lomi is almost as effective as a tropical adventure in dissolving tensions. Its’ enveloping movements are sure to please those who desire an escape from reality and winter’s cold weather.

A Unique Formula
The Signature massage includes a unique mixture of the Swedish, Californian and lomi-lomi massages as well as incorporating some Thai yoga movements. It offers a unique formula that was created and can only be found at Spa Nordic Station. The experience is enhanced by the use of delicately scented massage oils.

A Toning Effect
Put your feet up while one of our therapists takes care of your legs through a Detox Massage. This technique is especially recommended for people whose legs feel heavy and have cellulite. The goal is to activate lower body blood circulation through draining motions, in order to dislodge fatty cells. Grapefruit essential oils were specifically chosen for their invigorating and toning properties. The process is sure to leave your legs feeling feather-light.


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