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$500 000 of investment in facilities unique to Quebec

Sonia Gemme and Patrick Rake, the owners and designers of Spa Nordic Station, are proud to announce the opening of new, innovative facilities at their establishment – the installation of several one-of-a-kind spaces at the spa, representing an investment of almost $500,000.

After visiting a number of wellness centres around the globe, the partners decided to recreate some of the innovative ideas they came across on their travels. That led to the construction of an attractive, stylish CRYPTE VAPEUR (steam « crypt ») and BANYA RUSSE (Russian-style sauna) – unique in Quebec – and a new HALL DE DÉTENTE (relaxation area), a space dominated by an impressive stone fireplace.

Built in the shape of a grotto – a very appealing feature for spa-goers – the CRYPTE VAPEUR disseminates a hot, soothing mist diffused with eucalyptus oil, at an ambient temperature of
47o C (116°F), with 100% humidity.

BANYA RUSSE (the ultimate thermal experience) combines intense heat and steam with a high level of scent-saturated humidity. It differs from the traditional dry-heat sauna in that the temperature can soar to as much as 93o C (200°F) without any adverse effects, due to jets which sprinkle water over the stones.

Spa Nordic Station has combined the power of nature, the richness of tradition and the force of body and mind to create a veritable jewel of a destination, in a setting of beauty and peace. Experience for yourself this enchanting universe, perfected over 11 years with painstaking care, by the magic hands of its two innovative and enthusiastic owners.
For more information, please contact :
Anne Bouchard
Spa Nordic Station
Tel. : 819-843-5200 ext. 228